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January 2021 – Received boxes of donations from Sawyer Claus (family & friends of Sawyer Powell) and the Powell/Schultz family in memory of Sawyer Powell – Abby’s Army assisted with shipping to Duke Children’s Hospital; Donation of bigger item toys to Duke Children’s Hospital; 2 Donation boxes shipped to Duke Children’s + items ordered online & shipped directly to Duke. Requested items of: boy action figures 12” (super hero, Marvel Avengers), arts & crafts supplies (scissors, dot markers, crayons, markers, construction paper, craft projects, sharpies, glue sticks), doll house figures, & board/card games.

February 2021 – Care packages sent to Layla Sawyer (age 8, optic nerve glioma) and her siblings (Jack/Cora) with gift cards for her parents; Care package sent to Isabella Beltran with financial assistance to her parents; Assisting with resources & pediatric care info to Cooper’s mom (age 11, meningoangiomatosis); Donation to Brenner Children’s Hospital – 2 large boxes of toys, stuffed animals, games, etc shipped to hospital (due to Covid restrictions); Donation to Duke Children’s Hospital – 3 boxes of requested puzzle books, stuffed animals, treasure box “surprise” items, gel pens, teenage coloring pages. Ordered & shipped from Amazon to Duke – “surprise” treasure box items, pillowcases, puzzle books in Spanish; Care package sent to Cooper Fry and family with gift cards

March 2021 – Donation to Duke Children’s Hospital – 2 mini iPads + Otterbox covers requested by Child Life; 2 care packages sent – one to Mia Ruiz (age 11, meningioma) and one to her family/siblings with gift cards; Donation to Duke Children’s Hospital – Easter themed box of toys, treasure box items, and stuffed animals.

April 2021 – Donation to Brenner Children’s Hospital – requested items of boy themed Band-Aids, acton figures, superhero pillowcases, and toys ordered and shipped directly to hospital

May 2021 – Financial donation to Landon and the Bailey family; Care package sent to Christian (age 9, leukemia) and his siblings, gift cards also sent to his parents; Donation to Duke Children’s Hospital – requested toy donations, board games, gel pens, sketch books, coloring books for adults, Pop its, stuffed animals, beads, stress balls, colored pencils, stickers; Celebration care package sent to Maddox/Brittany Smith for finishing his last in-patient chemo

July 2021 – Donation to Duke Children’s Hospital – larger toys, requested toys of wooden puzzles, Legos, infant toys, stuffed animals, crafts, coloring books. Ordered items online and shipped directly to Duke; Donation to Brenner Children’s Hospital – boxes of toys shipped directly and other items ordered online – requested Uno cards, Legos, art kits, crafts, teethers & rattles, puzzles, action figures, Little People, stuffed animals; Financial donation to Ridge and the Riley family

August 2021 – Care packages sent to Danni (age 7, leukemia) and her sisters; Care packages sent to Myla (age 8, pilocystic astrocytoma) and her sister

September 2021 – Donation to Duke Children’s Hospital – boxes of toys, larger items, dry erase boards/markers/erasers, requested items of hover balls, sound machines, kids play medical kits, baby soothers, card games, word puzzle books, play doh kits, and treasure box items; Care packages sent to Laiken (age 9, lung cancer) and to her sisters, gift cards also sent to her parents; Financial donation to Payton and family

October 2021 – Ordered requested Instax Mini camera + film and a Sprocket printer + film for the hemo-oncology floor at Duke Children’s Hospital

November 2021 – Donation to Duke Children’s Hospital – A HUGE donation of requested items – play doh, legos, coloring items/art supplies, teen items (headphones, small electronics – speakers, handheld games, portable music devices, phone accessories, “spa” supplies, water bottles, decor for hospital rooms – lights, pillows, blankets), stuffed animals, winter hats, treasure box items, and larger sized toys.

December 2021 – Donation to Duke Children’s Hospital – Boxes of requested teen items, infant mobiles/soothers/larger crib toys, board games, and requested surgical pillows