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January 2020 – Financial Donation to the Gentry family; Donation of Valentine’s Day bag and requested Legos and bubbles to Duke Children’s Hospital

February 2020 – Donation of 2 Nintendo Switches (with cases, protective covers, and 8 downloaded games), boxes of toys, stuffed animals, and gas/Target gift cards to Brenner Children’s Hospital; Donation of requested bubbles, markers, and 2 full size iPads to Duke Children’s Hospital; Financial Donation & care packages to Poppy, her 2 brothers, & the Wilson family

March 2020 – Care package & gift cards to Luelle & the Kennedy family; Donation of requested stuffed animals, boy Legos, coloring books, and Play-doh to Duke Children’s Hospital.

April 2020 – Donation of 2 Nintendo Switches (with cases, protective covers, and 9 downloaded games) to Prisma Health Children’s Hospital – Midlands (sent via UPS d/t Covid restrictions); Financial Donation to the Cajigas family

May 2020 – Provided pizza & drinks from Enzo’s Pizza to 25 families (in-patient) and staff on 5100 unit (hematology/oncology unit) at Duke Children’s Hospital; Care packages & gift cards to Kayleigh and her 2 sisters; Financial Donation to Isabella & the Beltran family; Care package sent to Ridge & his sister

June 2020 – Care packages & gift cards (gas, Amazon x2, Grub Hub) to Isabella, her parents, and her brother; Financial Donation to Isabella and the Hammer family; Care packages & gift cards (gas, Amazon, Grub Hub, Target) to Isabella, her parents, and her sister

July 2020 – Donation of 2 Radio Flyer wagons with attached IV poles to Duke Children’s Hospital (purchased through Chad’s Bracket); Financial Donation to Ashlyn and the Perkins family; Care packages & gift cards (gas, Amazon, Target, Starbucks) to Ashlyn, her parents, and her 2 brothers

August 2020 – Financial Donation and care package to family of 2 yr old recently diagnosed with leukemia (family wants to remain anonymous); Care package & gift cards (Amazon x 2, gas, GrubHub, Target) to Haven, her parents, and her brother; Care package to Maya; Care package to Kelsey

September 2020 – Care package & gift cards (gas, Amazon, Chick Fil A) to Isabella and her parents; Financial Donation to the Miller family; Financial Donation to Kayleigh and the Cajigas family

October 2020 – Financial Donation to Felicity and the Winthrow family; Care package & gift cards (Amazon & Starbucks) sent to Felicity; Care package & gift cards sent to Hunter, his parents, and his brother (Target x 3, Amazon x 2, gas x 2, Starbucks, restaurants, Chick-fil-A x 5)

November 2020 – 6 Donation boxes shipped to Duke Children’s Hospital: #1 – stuffed animals, #2 – infant toys, #3 – Legos, PlayDoh, crafts, HotWheels, #4 – Barbies, crafts, paints, crayons, kids medical kits, #5 – My Little Pony large figure set, coat, Legos, PlayDoh, play medical kits, remote control car, infant toys, crafts, #6 – Treasure box items, box full of colored pencils

December 2020 – Financial Donation to Maddox and the Smith family; 10 inches of hair donated to Children with Hair Loss; Care package of Nintendo Switch gaming console, extra joy cons, charging station, and 3 games (Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Super Mario Kart 8) sent to Maddox and the Smith family; Donation of Xmas crafts & coloring books, infant toys, toddler blocks, small lego sets, trucks, medical kits, and legos sent to Duke Children’s Hospital; Care package sent to Maddox and his 5 siblings – stuffed animals, school supplies, board & card games, infant toys, dolls, crafts.